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Healthy water wins medicine, fine life with muyustone. Kangben Quality is credible......


Compendium of Materia Medica has showed the functions of muyustone. Muyustone has the function to help spleen, to quieten internal organs, to stablize six internal organs, to calm 5 other internal organs, if taking for a long time, people can stand for cold, heat and hunger. 

Certified by National Scentific Result [(1992)LUKEJIANZI No.53] and experts of Sweden Royal Institute of Science, Muyustone contains 26 kinds of rare elements and mineral substance which are helpful to human body, after water soaking, it can seperate out many kinds of elements such as selenium, zinc, iron, cobalt, strontium, fluorine, manganese.


In May 1993, the rare element is seperated out when muyustone soaks tea, it is the kind of rare element with many functions. Newly discovered, it is the one suggested to use by local and foreign nutritionists. It has the functions of anti cancer, aging-proof, anti arteriosclerosis, anti high blood pressure. Strontium is the necessary rare elelment for human body, and the normal orgnized part of bone and tooth. Fluorine's physiological function to human body is stronger than any of other elements, everybody absorbs 2.1-3.1 mg from drinking water and food each day. It is useful to control the reproduction of bacterium in the mouth, and reduce the sugar fermentation, resisting the firming of lactic acid. It has a good curing effect on diabetes. Iron, zinc are the essential rare elements to human body,too. Muyustone can separate out many elements. they are very helpful for human building, anti-oxidation, anti-high blood pressure, anti-arteriosclerosis, Lowering Cholesterol and so on. Not only such, it can promote metabolism, soften vascular and so on. Muyustone has the special function of anti cancer, it is the real rare health care product for human.


If you contain wine(spirit), it is soaked in the muyustone wine vessels for 20 minutes, any spirit becomes soft, sweet, fit for taste, the hot and bitter taste can disappear. There is an evident difference between spirit contained by Muyustone set and other vessels.


After being soaked in Water for 5 minutes, the water will reach or get closer to the standard of mineral water. The vessels, pots made from muyustone, have the functions of transparency, anti-corruption. In Summer, if Muyu Stone is soaked in water for 7 days, the color, smell, taste of water do not change.


qingyour Corperation warns customers, all of qingyour Products are made from Grade A jade materials, which have certisfied by the recognized authority. So every product we made can be credible. As for inferior muyustone sets in the market, please be cautious to buy!


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