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 Folklore of the singing stone



  There is a beautiful and magic legend about Mu Yu Stone! During the period of Yongzheng(the great emperor in Qing Dynasty), one problem is always lingering in Yongzheng's mind, that is who is eligible to ascend the throne. Finally, one solution has been come out. he calls his sons together and tells them:"I will give the throne to the one who can seek for singing stone! " Through this matter,Yongzheng wants to cultivate his sons enduring hardship, at the same time, he wants his sons to understand the common.


 His princes wonder that there exists the stone which can sing! Some do not find it at all, because they do not believe it. Some give it up after a few days because there is no any progress. Only Hongli find it ( He become Qianlong Emperor after Yongzheng). After the declaration of Yongzheng, Hongli goes through a lot of places, at last he stays in Taishan in Jiangnan area. He has no any pennies at that time. Hunger and thirsty, he spends the night in Mantou village. Old men there are very hospitality, and welcome his coming. It is strange that there are  many more old men and most of them hold cup pots in purple sandalwood color. Hongli holds one and wonders what it is. What a magic cup! It looks like wood, but it is more heavy than real wood in the same size. It looks like stone,too. But its inner structure is the same with wood. Hongli knocks at it with curiosity, it gives off wonderful sound! suddenly, he is fired with inspiration, it must be what he is looking for!

 he is so excited and takes it to palace and makes tea with it. The tea made in the cup is so sweet and soft! He is so joyful that he makes the Muyu Stone as tribute every year. Therefore, common people do not afford it, it belongs to royalty! Qianlong often drinks tea with Muyu Stone set, so he lives to more than 80(one of longevous emperors in the history). 

 "There is no prosperous state without a kind emperor, there is no kind emperor without good tea." said Qianlong.  Chinese tea ceremony is very cultured, it presents eight trigrams in Ching(famous book about changes in university). They are fire, earth, water,metal,wood. Tea saint Lu Yu has disigned his own tea stove, it is very cultured,too. it is made with iron, which presents mental. it stands on the floor, which present s earth, it is heated by charcoal, which presents wood. it boils water and tealeaf, which presents water. The whole course of making tea is the process of balancing five elements(mental, wood,water,fire, earth).  Our Ancients make and drink tea, in order to creat halcyon atmosphere and ethereal mood, to cultivate themselves finally. At the present, more and more people are drinking tea, but less and less folk do not understand how to drink tea good for their health! That is why some people are drunk in tea or ill after drinking tea. According to Chajing, some kinds of tea can help cake in abdomen and lead disease. People in acient society pay particular attention to tea set, because some kinds of set can detoxify. There are so many sorts of tea sets, more than 25 kinds in Tang Dynasty. In Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Emperor uses muyustone set to make tea, which can detoxify tea and make it sweet. Not only that, Qianlong is still a tea holic after his abdication. He lives to 88, one of the most longevous emperors in the history. The great secret is drinking tea with Muyu Stone set.


 Historical records show: During adventures of Emperor Qianlong, one day he passes through Shandong province. Hearing of Qianlong loving collecting various tea sets, local officals send a set of muyustone set to him. Their appearance is polished and pliable, full of tea perfume when containing tea. He is so enjoyful that he writes "清幽"(it means delicate fragrance and peaceful.) for the tea set, and orders others to grave "清幽" on the set. Now it is honored with grade one cultural relics of the state in Palace Museum.

(Healthy water wins medicine, fine life with Muyu Stone--China Kangben Corporation Spirit)


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